University of Washington

September 2016 – present
  • Ph.D. Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University

August 2012 – May 2016

Current Research

High-level Microfluidic Programming

June 2017 – present
  • Designing a high-level, reliable abstraction for digital microfluidic devices
  • Collaborating with synthetic biologists to implement libraries for domain-specific operations
  • Working with and mentoring several undergrad students

Past Projects

Domain-Specific Reconfigurable Accelerators

September 2016 – present
  • Explored methods for designing and programming DSRAs using techniques like program synthesis
  • Automatically identified building blocks that implement functionality across applications

Concurrent C0 Design and Implementation

January 2015 – May 2016
Senior Honors Thesis
  • Worked on a concurrent extension to C0, a research project started as a well-defined subset of C
  • Used guarantees from session typing for efficient message passing implementation including intelligent scheduling decisions, lower memory impact, and deadlock free execution

Abstractions for Concurrent Interactive Programs

August 2014 – December 2014
  • Worked on a functional programming for interaction, including an implementation in OCaml


UW CSE 351: Hardware/Software Interface

January 2019 – March 2019
Co-instructor with Luis Ceze

UW CSE 351: Hardware/Software Interface

December 2016 – March 2017
Teaching assistant

CMU 15-410: Operating Systems

August 2015 – May 2016
Teaching assistant

Professional Experience


May 2015 – August 2015
iOS Performance


May 2014 – August 2014
Siri Operations

SEI at Carnegie Mellon

May 2013 – August 2013


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention

April 2018

Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

May 2017
Program Synthesis for Domain Specific Reconfigurable Accelerators

Exemplary Thesis

May 2016
Chosen by the senior thesis committee

Andrew Carnegie Scholar

September 2016

Senior Leadership Awards

May 2016
40 seniors (of approx. 1500) selected by deans and dept. heads for leadership and academic excellence

Selected Coursework

University of Washington

  • 599C - Finite Model Theory
  • 599H - Computing for Social Good
  • 548 - Computer Architecture
  • 507 - Computer-Aided Reasoning
  • 544 - Database Management Systems

Carnegie Mellon University

  • 15-417 - Higher Order Compilation
  • 15-411 - Compiler Design
  • 15-312 - Programming Languages
  • 15-410 - Operating Systems
  • 15-451 - Algorithm Design/Analysis
  • 15-213 - Computer Systems
  • 21-484 - Graph Theory
  • 15-396 - Science of the Web


High Density DNA Data Storage Library via Dehydration with Digital Microfluidic Retrieval
Nature Communications, April 2019
[bibtex] [doi] [pdf]
WACI at ASPLOS 2019, April 2019
[bibtex] [pdf] [overview video] [slides]
Puddle: A Dynamic, Error-Correcting, Full-Stack Microfluidics Platform
ASPLOS 2019, April 2019
[bibtex] [doi] [pdf] [overview video]
DNA Data Storage and Hybrid Molecular–Electronic Computing
Proceedings of the IEEE, January 2019
Invited paper
[bibtex] [doi] [pdf]
Iterative Search for Reconfigurable Accelerator Blocks with a Compiler in the Loop
IEEE TCAD, October 2018
[bibtex] [doi] [pdf]
Extensible Semantics for Fluidics
OBT at POPL, January 2018
Design and Implementation of Concurrent C0
Fourth International Workshop on Linearity, June 2016
[bibtex] [doi]
Design and Implementation of Concurrent C0
  • Max Willsey
Senior Honors Thesis, May 2016
Designated as Exemplary Thesis by the senior thesis award committee
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