I’m a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. I work between the PLSE, MISL, and Sampa groups applying programming language techniques to problems in architecture and synthetic biology.

I’m currently working on programming models for microfluidic chips. These architectures promise to make labs-on-a-chip (LoCs) scalable and affordable, but issues like high error rates, resource management, and concurrency make them difficult to program. The Puddle framework aims to provide a safer, easier way to program these devices.

Outside of work, I enjoy running, reading, and crosswords. I (with the help of several others) maintain crossbot, your friendly neighborhood crossword-tracking robot.


2019 Dec

I passed my generals exam, so I’m now a PhD candidate!

2019 Oct

I’ll be speaking at a special session on the future of microfludics at ICCAD 2019. You can check out the paper here.

2019 Apr

I’m very excited to be speaking at the Biochips Summer School at CU Boulder. I’ll be joining a bunch of other exciting speakers to talk about building, programming, and using digital microfluidic devices. Check it out!

2019 Apr

The Allen School put together a nice news piece on some of our recent work, including our ASPLOS and Nature Communications papers.

2019 Mar

I’ll be giving two talks at ASPLOS 2019! In the technical track, I’ll talk about Puddle, our new microfluidic programming system. Later in the Wild and Crazy Ideas track, I’ll start a discussion about cloud scale microfluidics.

2019 Jan

I’m super excited to be co-teaching CSE 351 this quarter with Luis! This course covers the hardware-software interface including C, assembly, virtual memory, caches, and so on.

2019 Jan

Some folks in the MISL group put together a paper about our vision of a hybrid molecular-electronic computing platform. It’s in the January 2019 issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE.


Scaling Microfluidics to Complex, Dynamic Protocols
ICCAD 2019, November 2019
Invited Paper
[bibtex] [pdf]
High Density DNA Data Storage Library via Dehydration with Digital Microfluidic Retrieval
Nature Communications, April 2019
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WACI at ASPLOS 2019, April 2019
[bibtex] [pdf] [overview video] [slides]
Puddle: A Dynamic, Error-Correcting, Full-Stack Microfluidics Platform
ASPLOS 2019, April 2019
[bibtex] [doi] [pdf] [overview video]
DNA Data Storage and Hybrid Molecular–Electronic Computing
Proceedings of the IEEE, January 2019
Invited paper
[bibtex] [doi] [pdf]
Iterative Search for Reconfigurable Accelerator Blocks with a Compiler in the Loop
IEEE TCAD, October 2018
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Extensible Semantics for Fluidics
OBT at POPL, January 2018
Design and Implementation of Concurrent C0
Fourth International Workshop on Linearity, June 2016
[bibtex] [doi]
Design and Implementation of Concurrent C0
  • Max Willsey
Senior Honors Thesis, May 2016
Designated as Exemplary Thesis by the senior thesis award committee
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